Aspire BVC Clearomizer ersättningsspolar 1,6 ohm för K1/K2 stridsvagn, ET, Vivi Nova-S, Mini Vivi Nova, Mini Vivi Nova-S Glassomizer eller Clearomizer


ET-S från Aspire är en glassomizer på 3,0ml som använder dubbla Aspire ET-S BVC är dessutom designad att motverka allt gurglande, läckande och e-liquid 

This metal ET-S version has two small windows on either side to make it easy to judge the amount of liquid left in your tank. The Aspire ET-S BVC glassomizer is the top of the line member of the amazing Aspire BDC & BVC family of atomizers. The Aspire ET-S BVC glassomizer has a 3 ml capacity, a metal casing protecting the tank and is made of Pyrex glass to provide the purest and most satisfying vaping experience. This glassomizer is the perfect atomizer combined with a pen style battery. Aspire ET-S Clearomizer 1.8Ohm, 3ML. The ET-S BVC Clearomizer is an upgraded version of ET BVC, it has an exterior metal sleeve surrounding the glass version clearomizer tank with two small windows that allow you to see how much liquid is left in the vape tank.

Aspire et-s bvc glassomizer

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fri frakt lastbil  Aspire brings you the best tanks on the market with adjustable settings and user-friendly 2ml ET-S BVC Clearomizer K1 BVC Glassomizer/Tank - 1.5ml. Aspire K1 BVC Glassomizer - 1.5ml The Aspire K1 Tank is a new generation of 5pcs Aspire ET-S BVC Clearomizer 3ml E-cig Atomizer Tank 5pcs Aspire ET-S  Aspire K1 är perfekt för nybörjaren som ändå kräver kvalitet. Detta är Aspire K1 är en BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) glassomizer och har en vätskekapacitet på 1,5 ml. Den är Aspire BVC förbrännare (5-pack, CE5/ET/CE5S/ETS/K1/K2). 99kr.

49 (£7.49/count) £7.99 £7.99 Aspire ET-S Glass Tank BVC 2ml. A revolution in the e-cigarette industry, Aspire ET-S clearomizer tank offers you the most flavourfull sensation with maximum vapour.

Husk altid at tilsidelægge coilen når du rengører din tank, da brænderen ikke kan tåle det. PAKKEN INDEHOLDER. Aspire ET-S tank; Aspire BVC COIL 1,8 Ohm.

The ET-S BDC is an upgrade version of ET BDC, it has an exterior metal sleeve surrounding the tank with two small windows that allow you … The Aspire ET-S BVC Pyrex “Glassomizer” is called so due to Pyrex Glass material that the tube is made out of which is stronger, easier to clean, and does not erode due to acidic e-liquid. The pyrex glass tube is reinforced with an aluminum shield with a visible clear slit and holds approximately 2.0ml of … Aspire ET-S BVC Clearomizer - 3.0 ml NOTE: Sale price only refers to the clearomizer price when you purchase the unit in a kit. Regular price BVC-konfigurationer lovar att leverera en mer ren smak och mer framträdande smaker än de gamla BDC-spolarna. Aspire BVC-ersättningsspolar är kompatibla med K1 såväl som populära Aspire clearomizer-serier som ET, ET-S, CE5, CE5-S och Vivi Nova.

Aspire et-s bvc glassomizer

Aspire ET-S Tank · Stainless steel outer construction · Pyrex glass tank ( impervious to abrasive and acidic e-liquids) · Maximum liquid capacity of 2ml ( TPD 

The ET-S BDC is an upgrade version of ET BDC, it has an exterior metal sleeve surrounding the tank with two small windows that allow you to see how much liquid is left in the tank at all times. Not only compatible with the Aspire K1 clearomizer vape tank, but also compatible other common Aspire BDC clearomizer series such as the ET, ET-S, CE5, CE5-S clearomizers.

Features • TPD Compliant 2ml liquid capacity (ET-S) A sleek design for the style conscious, the Aspire K1 glassomizer BVC tank can hold up to 1.5ml of your chosen e-liquid, providing you with the most pure and clean vaping sensation. One of the leading designs within the innovative Aspire tank range, the Aspire K1 tank is made from the most durable pyrex glass and stainless steel.
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This is the new one (September 2014) and comes with the BVC coil, not the BDC (but it will accept either coil) The ET-S BVC Pyrex "Glassomizer" (which means glass based clearomizer) comes with an aspire coils which is a clearomizer featuring a bottom vertical coil. Aspire didn’t stop there with the ET-S. This beauty is made with Pyrex glass, which makes it one of the most revered products on the market today. The importance of the glassomizer is that unlike plastic clearomizers that can be eroded by the acidity of liquids over time, glassomizers are … The Aspire ET-S has an ample 2ml chamber for e liquid so this clearomizer would be ideal for an all-day vape without having to refill constantly. Although the clearomizers comes with the new and improved BVC coil rather than the BDC coil inside, The Tank is surrounded by a metal sleeve, with two windows allowing you view the liquid volume inside.

Aspire have managed to come up with a gem. A N ew generation of technology in clearomizers which uses BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil). This innovation is designed to produce amazing flavour and the purest taste from all e-liquids.
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These are replacement bottom vertical coil heads for the Aspire K1 Clearomizer and Aspire CE5-S BVC Clearomizers. They are also compatible with the Aspire SPRYTE, Aspire ET/ET-S, Aspire CE5/CE5-S, Aspire Vivi Nova-S/Mini Vivi Nova-S clearomizers. These coils are NOT compatible with any of the Aspire Nautilus line of clearomizers.

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