Solipsism is a song sung by Miku Hatsune. It is the seventy-seventh track in Other Vocaloid Songs 153.


Solipsismi Solipsismi (latinan sanoista solus ipse ’yksin itse’) on filosofinen näkemys, jonka mukaan ” minä ”-näkökulma on ensisijainen. Se on fenomenalismia radikaalimpi subjektiivisen idealismin muoto.

Solipsism is the philosophical belief that the only entity that can be conclusively known to exist is oneself, more specifically, one's mind. Description. You manipulate the senses of one creature so that it perceives itself to be the only real creature in all of existence and everything around it to be merely an illusion. If the target fails its save, it is convinced of the unreality of every situation it might encounter.

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Anything external lacks absolute certaintyand is thusly uncertain and untrustworthy. The aforementioned definition of solipsism entails the non-existence of anything presently unperceived including the external world, causation, other minds (including God's mind or a subconscious mind), the past or future, and a subject of experience. The term "solipsism" traditionally refers to the philosophical concept that the self is the only consciousness in the universe. Writers in the manosphere adapted this idea and coined the modern usage of the term to imply that women see the universe as revolving around themselves and their reproductive and material interests. Solipsismi. Wikipediasta.

The fact that's solipsism is barely on America's radar is a classic case of not being able to grapple with a problem because we can't even name it. The history of solipsism (as a psycho-philosophical-academic "category") traces back to the ancient Greek, Gorgias of Leontini.

Solipsism, filosofisk term (av latinets solus ipse = ensamt själv).I ontologisk mening betecknar den att det enda som existerar är den egna upplevelsen som sådan (traditionellt kallat självet, jaget eller medvetandet med dess innehåll) utan några bakomliggande orsaker.

Solipsism, filosofisk term (av latinets solus ipse = ensamt själv). I ontologisk mening betecknar den att det enda som existerar är den egna upplevelsen som sådan (traditionellt kallat självet, jaget eller medvetandet med dess innehåll) utan några bakomliggande orsaker. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Solipsism syndrome refers to a psychological state in which a person feels that reality is not external to their mind.

Solipsism wiki

Let’s cut to the chase: I exist. If you are reading this and aware of that fact, that means you do as well. I don’t know how you will react. I’ve never met anyone that exists before. But I need you to believe what I’m about to tell you. Firstly, everyone around you is fake. They are not sentient beings, they are not aware, they are not alive. They’re… well there’s no word for it

It is a philosophical position that first appeared in ancient philosophy.

Periods of extended isolation may predispose people to this condition. In particular, the syndrome has been identified as a potential concern for individuals living in outer space for extended periods of time. Epistemological solipsism is the philosophical viewpoint that nothing can be proven beyond the existence of the self.
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Metaphysicalsolipsism is a variety of solipsism.

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Social class, solipsism, and contextualism: how the rich are different from the poor. Psychological review, 119(3), 546; Portail de la philosophie

The existence of an external world is regarded as an unresolvable question rather than actually false. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Solipsism (pronounced: / ˈsɒlɪpsɪzəm / (listen)) is the view that a person has no reason to believe anything exists except their own mind.